Converting ideas

Trillions of data get streamed every second. Every data you upload is a fraction of them. 

What we do best is make the that fraction to be significant. Every byte matters.

About Us

nCode is a digital agency dedicated to evolve businesses and individuals into digital media painlessly and effectively. Providing services from small to large enterprises, we deliver high quality professional work, upgrading clients from analog world to digital goodness. As our name, we transform your ideas into contents everyone can engage on their screen. In a world built with binary, we create 1 out of 0.

What We Do

Our services branch from our diverse experience in the digital sphere. We’ve built the con dence and rapport to deliver the most demanding project but still maintain the level of quality in every step of the way

Jobs made by

Centurion Priyatna 
Business Director

Alf Ghibran  
Creative Director

Tenri É Soejoto 
Content Director

Arif Iskandar 
IT Director

Astri Riksahati 
Business Development

Nizam Aulia  
Social Media Strategies

Bentang Satriaji 
Graphic Designer

Irshadi Bagasputro 
Website Designer

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We are here to help you Monday through Saturday, from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM.
Contact us via Phone : +6282112930393 or Email : hello@ncodedigital.com

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